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Building Automation System as a way towards Net Zero Energy Building

Building Automation System


BAS, Building Automation System ,monitoring and controls















BAS or Building Automation System as it is called helps to regulate the over consumption of energy,
The saving of energy is of the range of 20% to 30% of the overall energy usage.

It simply automates the Building Services , to be more energy efficient.It optimizes the energy consumption.
It has numerous function with respect to maintenance, simplying maintenance easy control and access to critical information.

The following equipment are under the control of the BAS:
a) Air conditioning systems
b) Electrical systems( HV and LV)
c) Lighting-Internal and External lighting
d) Lifts and Elevators
e) Special system specially designed for building such as control of window,roof wings etc
f) Pumps andwater supply systems
g) Fire Fighting pumps
h) Net Zero Energy Systems
i) Security controls

In large spaces or buildings the Energy saving cannot be done manually or physically. It need to be automated and energy savings are simply impossible manually.
Gross amount of energy wastage occur without automation. BAS helps to improves the quality of maintenance.
The BAS , building Automation System can be modified to suite the needs of the building users. These are some of the inherent benefits with respect to Energy Saving for a NZEB:
a) Air conditioning systems, such as chillers operating can be automatically optimized.Temperatures of the room are controlled with thermostat automatically.
b) Light fitting with sensors are help to switched off when the daylight is sufficient and lights are switched off.Light fitting with sensor switch lights when no one is in the room.
c) Elevators do not operate when not been used.

over the use of one chiller over 3 chillers running and excessive power.