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Energy Audit

Energy Audit for Net Zero, House Floor Plan

An Energy Audit is is done usually in an existing building to evaluate the energy performance.The Energy Audit will reveal the energy pie breakdown.
There are 2 type of Energy Audit-A simple Audit or a detail Audit. One is more costlier than the other. A simpleAudit does not reveal much but a detail audit will reveal where there are excessive consumption or a leakage or wastage outage of energy. This is similar to a Doctors blood test, as it will reveal where the issues are identified.

The Audit can reveal how to get towards NZEB. It is a tool to monitor your energy consumption and reduce consumption.It is good for monitoring the new buildings or for an existing building. A new building should be placed with sub-metering for the purposes of this audit. On a daily , weekly , monthly or special events you could produce a report to assess the energy consumption.

The audit will also develop of culture of energy saving by end users but at the same time not necessarily compromising on life styles.

A regular audit is necessary tool for Net Zero Energy at operation stage. You could change behavioral patterns or culture or timing of switching on or offing the systems that use excessive energy.

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Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Ar Perumal Nagapushnam