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Homes affects your Health

Homes affects your Health

Green and Sustainable House Floor Plan

The type of Homes affects your Health

Green and sustainable home are a Homes with much landscaping within your home and
outside your homes helps you in so many ways. The type of home you live in affects
your well-being, your physical health, and your psychological well-being.

1)More Oxygen-Homes affects your Health

Firstly homes with Green plants tend to have more Oxygen inside your home.
The oxygen helps you with better health; Oxygen improves your immunity system, speedy recovery from illness, growth of cells.etc. Lack  of Oxygen, creates an incresed tendency to commit suicdes.

2)Faster Recovery from illness

Green homes  with good views of plants, helps you to recover from illness faster by 30%.Recent Research shows that you are better off faster. Therefore your medication is also reduced by 30%

3)Ionized the air-Homes affects your Health

Green homes ionized the air in your homes. There is less dust and your lungs
are healthier. UN reported that air pollution is the No 1 killer of the human being.
1 in 8 of dying human is due to polluted air.

4)Kills the bacteria

Green homes ionized the air. Ions kill the bacteria and viruses. Air is  free  of bad
bacteria and bad viruses keeps you healthier.Homes affects your Health. It noted that good bacteria shall
also be cultivated such as EM. Microbes helps to increase biodiversity, nutrients in the ground, removes odor,
cleans the grey waters, etc.It helps the good bacteria to fight the bad ones.


Research shows that Green homes make you more Productive and Productivity is improved.Architects are the best in
designing homes with green layout and efficient layouts.


Research shows that Green homes make you more Presenteeism, more aware of happenings.
It makes one more attentive and improves cognitive responses.

7)Reduce the stressful

Green homes help to reduce the stressful and calms the nerves. Help speedy recovery from stresses.Homes or buildings designs using
straight edges and straight lines produces stresses people. Organic forms reduces the stress on th eyes.

8)Keeps you homes cool

Green homes keep your homes cool on a hot day and warm on a cold day.
The changes of temperatures of your homes are lesser. Temperature Diurnal
is 50 degrees C.

9)Lower your monthly electric bill

Green and sustainable homes lower your monthly electric bill, you pay
lesser and you feel better because it is cooler etc.It saves the heating and cooling bills.

10)Increases the property value

Green and sustainable homes increase the property value of your home.
Research shows that property values increased by 10 to 30% by Greening your homes.
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Prepared by Architect Perumal Nagapushnam

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