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Architect Perumal Nagapushnam Net Zero Energy Architect

Resume of Architect Perumal Nagapushnam – Net Zero Energy Architect and Hyper Green Architect

As an Eco Green Architect and Net Zero Energy Architect, he is experienced in managing much building to attain the certification for green sustainability.He is a specialist in Project Management with years of working as a QS, at supervision at the  site, managing construction sites as a contractor and having worked in the many varied sectors of engineering, construction and in designing makes him a suitable candidate to manage the team and lead the team in the total integrated approach to designing and procurement system much needed experience for Net Zero and Green Architect ,

He was Born in1956 in Ipoh, Perak ,Malaysia

His Education & Qualification Net Zero Energy Architectt, as were locally trained and turned down an Oxfordian studies program due to financial constraints, with  much regret later in his years of life.a

  1. B Sc in HBP and Post Grad Dip Architectural Design experience
  2. Exceptional knowledge in Auto cad and ability to work in a team environment
  3. Strong organizational time management & multi-tasking skills
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  5. Familiarity in designing for GBI,Leeds,Mark and Net Zero Buildings (Ashrae 2020),Green and Net Zero Architect studies

His Knowledge of Software as Net Zero Energy Architect , is impressive which are as follows:

  • Proficency in Energy Model Analysis, solar path, the wind,heat transfer analysis)
  • Ecotect,Vasari (wind analysis, CFD Study),Google Sketch Up, IRender (3D rendering software), 3D modeling.
  • Auto-cad,2D Auto cad, Photoshop,Microsoft (Paint, Excel, and Word), MS Project

He area of  Specializations as Net Zero Energy Architect, are in the following area:

His Job Responsibilities over the years have been broad and much varied such as the following:

  1. Able to make decisions and recommendations that are authoritative and recognized which has an important impact on the architectural activities
  2. Able to demonstrate creativity, foresight and contrive mature judgment in solving architectural problems
  3. Determine project objectives and requirements and conduct client consultant meeting , technical meetings and Site meetings, issue instructions to the contractor and manage the projects from the inceptions to the issuance of CCC of completed building.
  4. Involved in the analysis of the client problems in contriving and developing architectural solutions to those problems
  5. Coordinate and mentor staff and project level employees
  6. managing all aspects of client relations including attending meetings
  7. Perform all assigned duties
  8. Eco-Green and Net Zero Energy Architect
Hyper Green architect

Green architect

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