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Pit Falls in the floor plan for new house for Log House timber treatment

The Pit Falls in Log House timber treatment

Log houses although marvelous to look at the early stages could end up being a night mare of maintenance problems that could bear heavy cost to you. Here I would like to cover the pit fall that you can avoid eventually Log House timber treatment.

  • Selection of good Logs -Quality and Type for Log House
    For your house to be solid and lasting you need to ensure that the logs are uniform, regular and 12 inch in diameter .For house design with long well the logs need to be long for the span. Unless the floor plan for new house has taken this into account at the very outset. Long spans cost you more and smaller log spans will cost you less. Good house design has this consideration in mind.Uniform logs will fit well and reduce the chances of water leaks and lost of heat during winter.The resistant wood-to decay are the best last long but may not be suitable for log house but the less resistant wood more prone to decay but suitable for workability as for log house.Ensure the barks are peeled off when constructing the logs as it will peel off and be messy inside the house and outside. As the barks are not long lasting it is prone to insect’s attacks and fungi prone.Design of the floor plan for new house should ensure the log is always dry and water shall never stagnate to help preserve the logs.
  • Preservatives could be used to help prolong the life span of this wood. Preservatives are used externally and internally. In the interior use a good non-yellowing alkyd varnish of penetrating oil sealer. If you are buying the logs, ensure the logs are preserved to good acceptable safety standard which is actually hazardous to people, animal, plant and the environment.

Externally the preservatives need to contain fungicide which stops the growth of fungus and mildew. You need to use pigmented preservative that don’t affect the beauty of the timber.. Once this is done stack the wood over each other for good ventilation-that is it is criss – crossed over the layers and this will help to preserve the logs.

  •  Termite Treatment for Log House
    As the ground excavated for foundation, it should be treated with anti-termite treatment. These chemical could be purchase from the stores, but as a general rule use chemical that are safe though all of them are hazardous to health but take necessary precautions. Some chemicals have been banned from use. A good treatment will guarantee 10 years of protection .These protection although weans away with time but could be treated externally after the guarantee period for an extended period of time.
    Nothing is better than, to protect the excavated pits for foundations and slabs before the concrete is cast, this is a far better protection than to protect them as a after thought once the building is up.
  • Good foundation will ensure steady building(not covered here)
  • Correct setting out of foundation will ensure good quality finishes in interior finishes(not covered here)
  • Selection of good materials-roof tile, slates, ceiling, painting, lock-set, sanitary fittings, pipes, plastering, stones, brick and blocks(not covered here)
  • Choose an architect to help you do up the specifications to ensure compliance to local health and check the website at

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