H33.1 River Point Brick Plan

Brick House Floor Plan

Brick House Floor Plan

House Floor Plan

Brick House Floor Plan

Brick House Floor Plans

The Brick House Floor Plans are impeccably strong and rustic look is immaculate as they provide the Mediterranean ambiance oar the traditional Victorian architectural impressions that take you back to 50 years back in time. The rustic masonry finishes, clay roof tiles with the fascia boards will help create a bungalow style, or if plastered create a modern house plan. The use of brick as it uses less embodied energy; it makes it a green material. It also a good insulator of heat keeps your home warm in winter and keeps the summer heat outside.

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Modern house
It is not be confused as post modern or modern in the Architectural sense, but  referred to homes design for today, which incorporates recent development in designs such flat roofs, green roofs, frame-less clear glass window etc. Architectural plans were designed by Architect. The Architectural plans our dream house with modern fixtures and fittings to achieve your ambitions.

Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam


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