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DUPLEX house PLAN, Grandale

Duplex house Plan

Duplex House Plan


















Duplex House Plan

































Duplex House Plan

Duplex  house Plans are wonderful as they keep families together and yet apart. This is a brick house duplex plan which brng the ambiance of the old into the new architectural concepts.The use of brick is an interestingly modern style befitting our times.

Small House Plan

Our Small house plan are usually with the range of 800 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.  They are popular among those for the mountain sites and the beach site.

The architectural designs are designed by professional are your dream house floor plan come true at a low budget. These Architectural floor plans are designed by Architects. Your dream house actualized in these Architectural house plans.

They are easily refitted to suite the needs of those who are looking for a vacation house and even refitted for cabin house

Brick House Floor Plans

The Brick House Floor Plans are impeccably strong and rustic look is immaculate as they provide the Mediterranean ambiance oar the traditional Victorian architectural impressions that take you back to 50 years back in time. The rustic masonry finishes, clayed roof tiles with the fascia boards will help create a bungalow style, or if plastered create a modern house plan. The use of brick as it uses less embodied energy; it makes it a green material. It also a good insulator of heat keeps your home warm in winter and keeps the summer heat outside.


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