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Liberty French House Plans

French House Plan

Night view of French House

French House Plan

Night view of French House Night view of French House

French House Plan

French House Floor Plans

French House Plan

French House House floor Plans

French House Plan

The French House Plan is the traditional French homes with the use of stone, brick and steeped roof and window within the steep Mansard roof. Architectural floor plans were Architect’s designed for mountain views and environment. This your dream house to own the second home on the top of the mountain.French Country House would make any owner proud as of it grandeur, luxurious features and surprisingly and deceivingly it is within your budget. This is due to  the roof being used as part of the building space. the roof  is part of the external walls.

Net Zero Energy or Zero Carbon houses can be retrofit into you house plans readily and quite easily based on your site weather conditions and site locations.The Net Zero House is which has considerations for passive energy designs, control systems.Architectural plans were designed by Architect to save your energy bills. The Architectural house plans will need special attention according to the locality in which you leave in, the House floor Plan had to be modified to create the Net Zero Energy House and finally be your dream house.

Our French House Plan are designed to create the ambiance of the Old and recreated in our days with the best of our times.You would be awed by the interiors and they give a glimpse of the real traditional French House . The past meets the new.
The strength of this design is they employ the features of French houses, the finishes and windows are French style and the roof is step and is economical as the walls are reduced.The cost is optimized.

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Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam

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