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H20.3 Versailles Log House Floor Plan

plan & data Log House Floor Plan

plan & data Log House Floor Plan

Log House Floor Plan

This Cottage   a simple and within your budget and yet big in dream house floor plan. This  Log House Floor Plan is  never failing in  architectural designs in the  virtues of the Logs . Log house properly lit up creates beauty and this home floor plans was designed by an Architect. This is a  Architectural house plans a dream house come true for  a second home owner.It is a dream come true for one to own a great second home and will make them proud owners.Log house are naturally,made  from the woods in the forest  therefore in terms of minimizing the embedded energy used for constructing a house.

The Log home keeps warm within, as  timber is a massive good insulator of heat transfer , the gaps in between the timber should not cause leakages of air, it shall be  kept to the minimum, otherwise much heat may be lost if the air exchange is too high as heat is lost during winter and heat gain during summer. Small Log House Floor Plan is built with little resources therefore less wastage with the best value for money, budget and in terms of green a favorable design.

A Great cottage  ambiance of a  Log house plan with beauty in the simplicity and a great architect Mies Van de Rohe minimalism aphorism  ” Less is More”is epitomized here. It would be a great mountain house floor plan with view of the hills and a panorama of the county side will accentuate this home.

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