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Halimah Thatch Roof House

Thatch Roof House

Thatch Roof House

Thatch Roof House Plan






















Thatch Roof Plan

Ground Floor Plan for Thatch Roof Plan



































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First Floor Thatch Roof Plan







Thatch Roof Plan,Malay house, Indonesian Resort, Bali sty;e resort

Thatch Roof Plan Day View












































Malay house floor Plans deemed similar to Indonesian house. It has the charm of the tropic and the elegance of the rustic tropic . The essence of this Tropical style is Balinese styles .

The Balinese charm and ambiance of of the tropic will fill the home . Your visitors to your tropical home will leave with a sense of envious pf your proud possession of a second home in the tropics.

The Rustic luxury home is for the modern living . It will be integrated for your comforts wit the old ,rustic and tropical.

This is a Resort style. Many beds can be added for your convenience.This home can be on the top of the mountain or by the river side. It is a comfortable cottage in the windy tropical with the grand mountain views.

Guest, Families  and Friends can be entertained in the quite mountains and comforts of the tropics. The architecture is relevant to the warmth of the tropics. The interiors are reminiscent of the exotic Eastern life styles. The Green Architecture  with lush landscaping with fit with the charms of living with natures. Permaculture and Organic fresh fruits and organic fresh vegetables are within your comforts. Healthy lifestyle ,Physical and Psychological well being being with nature is the every man;s dream. It is the dream that comes true.It is now your Dream home.

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Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam























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