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What is a Beach House?

  • Beach House that near the sea.
  • Beach House is built on a beach, lakefront, coastal area or any land with water views.
  • Beach House Is use as a vacation or second house for people who commute to house on weekend or during vacation periods
  • Beach House Is also named as Coastal Houses or Waterfront House
  • Beach House are range in style from Traditional House Plans to  Modern House Plans
  • Beach House are all about summer and warm weather living



  7 Features of Beach House 

 Designed for shoreline living with the main living areas typically raised one level above the ground to accommodate rising tides and prevent flooding. This is achieved by building on a pier foundation (or pilings).

  • The parking area is located beneath the home and made possible by the pier
  • Features Large windows in the Beach Floor plans are strategically placed   to give the breath of the grand views of the shoreline or coastal views
  • Beach Floor plans with large decks ,porches for functions such as out door living such as to soak up under the sun and listen to sounds of coastal waves beating.
  • An open floor plan allow gentle sea breezes to cross ventilate flow through the home.
  • The elements of the homes is specialised in materials and construction methods to cater for the marine or coastal environments.
  • Floor plans style offering everything from a simple beach vacation bungalow to a luxurious oceanfront home.




There are 3 types of the Beach House:

  • StiltBeach Houses , Pier Beach Houses  and Platform Beach Houses
  • Weatherproofed Year-Round Beach Houses
  • Luxury Beach Houses

  1. Stilt Beach House, Pier Beach House and Platform Beach House

  • Structuressuch as stilts, piers foundations or columns arebuilt , to allow siting on a  steeply sloping terrain next the water
  • These structures alsoprotect the beach house from large waves and high tides.
  • Beach housesare raised at least 8 to 15 feet above the lowest land level. The higher the level that is raised above the lower levels the stronger the piers foundations to support the beach house.
  • These bases also serve to anchor houses to the underlying ground during harsh winter storms with high winds.
  • Steel I-beams, concrete columns or pillars and timber piles, posts and framesmay be appropriate for the construction of a beach house floor plan.

  2.Weatherproofed Year-Round Beach Houses

  • Constructed with withstand a variety of hazards, including falling trees, high winds and floods.
  • These types of beach houses are seen in the barns of farms in New England.
  • Structures built in this manner survive events such as earthquakes and a heavy build up of snow that weighs down the roof as they are constructed from large, heavy wooden beams
  • Octagonal house with a low roof
  • This design withstands high winds easily
  • The force is directed down onto the roof and around the sides of the house.
  • Strong softwoods, such as yellow pine, are preferred over hardwoods because softwoods under stress bend slightly, rather than break.
  • Storm windows with high-impact safety glass

3. Luxury Beach Houses

  • With as many bedrooms
  • Features like swimming pools, guest houses and extensive gardens for large families.
  • These types of larger beach houses require larger plots of land


Style of Beach House

Why do people love beach houses, is it  being near water that attracts them to the beaches? Is it primarily due to fact that people love the outdoors where activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and it’s a perfect place to read next to.people also want to live as close to the beach as possible.


Written by Carmel Ho Kar Wei

Beach House Floor Plan


There are many designers claiming to have designed good beach house designs, but what a good beach house floor Plan should constitute. I think fundamentally the good beach houses designs should have these considerations:


  1. First and fore most Beach House floor plans needs to be designed as a resting abode, after a stressful working time. It should be a place where ones nerves are calmed settled.
  2. Secondly the plans need to be designed for recreational activities such as games by the beach, a BBQ by the patio or terrace etc. The idea of a beach house is also to get together for some fun.
  3. View of the beach from the living, dining and the bed room is essential feature. Create a warm spectacular view of the beach, jetty and surrounding landscape. You may achieve this by having large glass window panels for visibility but carefully shaded for energy savings. Read on smart landscaping on how you can achieve Net Zero Energy building by smart landscaping.


Beach house and cottage house

Cottage Beach house, 1*


  1. Use a courtyard with landscape within the beach house as it creates a world of the beach within where views are not permissible or even a swimming pool to relax within when it is not comfortable at the beach.



I love the design of swimming pool in the design of Equis House*2 by Barclay and Crousse. The view of the swimming pool is in the path of the blue ocean. The blue pool is built lifted up in the air that is seen with the blue ocean as the background from the beach house . Where the beaches are scares but merely rock out crops-“a spacious terrace, designed as a man made beach, extends to the horizon line via a unique narrow swimming pool. This area is characterize by its relationship with the sky and the water”*3



Beach house with a swimming pool

Beach House- Equis House 1*

  1. The beach house shall be a comfortable place- shaded from the heat or cold winds and designed for your specific needs- a sun bathing summer sun or winter views.


  1. The floor plan for house need to take the harsh weather beatings- the salt spray in the air would rust down metals and any metal that is not protected well will be rusting away very quickly. So the houses need to be protected well against the weather extremities. And the house needs to be well detailed to serve these purposes.


  1. The floor plan for house , should keep the sand out of the foot ware, where it is NOT needed. A good design should to care of this. Sand and dust in the air, can also minimized by a good landscape design to cut of these elements.


  1. Don’t forget the context of location. Beach house floor plans need to be designed for the surroundings .If you are in the tropic use the coconut palms as a good element for design. Palm trees make great landscaping for the house. If you are in the Mediterranean Sea use the natural stones, that are richly found in your house design so that it sits comfortably in these settings.
Beach House- house by the sea

Beach House-Play house by the sea




If you are perched on top of a stone outcrop, design for the winds, the great sun sets or sun rise for great vista of the horizons. Remember you can install a wind turbine to harvest wind renewable energy where you can earn money when you are not there. Wind energy harvested well can make your home a Net Zero Energy building, where you can sell your net zero carbon emission as money earner.


  1. If you run out of ideas, visit us at for some great design. Enjoy your visit. These designs have great visuals for floor plan for house.


  1. In modern floor plans for great flexibility the open house plan concept is also an option as it provides spaces for privy and wide open space for children to run around within and to have great indoor functions with wide spaces.
  2. Net Zero Energy Architect

It is pertinent that homes are designed for Net Zero Energy building where there total power consumption is reduce to zero over a period of 1 year. A beach house has plenty of sun and wind these resources will contribute much renewable energy. It is a shear waste of resources in the light of the Net Zero Energy building favored by the Department of Energy in the US (DOE). Ashrae 2020 envisioned that all building tends towards Net Zero energy building by the year 2030.

  1. Should you need advise kindly call our Net Zero Energy Architect in our website at
  2. Our Net Zero Energy Architect will attend to your needs as soon as possible to your satisfaction
  3. Lastly have fun in your venture in seeking for Net Zero Energy building plans.







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