sdaarchi SDA Architect Why the corona virus outbreak will come again in Malaysia? What has gone wrong awry?

The Malaysian government had effectively fought the tide of the corona virus pandemic. This is an occasion of pride, an achievement by the government of Malaysia.Malaysia now is in the ranks of nations among those nations who were able to contain the transmission of virus. At the outset of the out break, they made mistakes, but quickly rectified the situation and effectively stemmed the tide. The Malaysian Police Force must be highly commended for the great efforts to check and enforce the Restricted Movement Order, which abated the pandemic. At the out set the government had difficulty to stop the gathering of Muslim at mosque such as the Seri Petaling mosque, which was handle tactfully.

More recently the cases of infected persons seem to spike again, refereed to as the second wave. This time around it may confound policy makers as to how to address the second wave . It seems that a virus which a million times smaller that the human being has become an indomitable enemy of National interest: What have go wrong awry this time? Will the lock down be implemented again.Will the second wave rock the economy?

This is the same question that every one will pose by most nations even as in China, Hong Kong, India and Europe . In the first wave the successful abating can be attributed to :
a) the effective quarantine program,
b) the face masking,
c) social distancing and
d) †temperature reading taken at entry point.

What more or what else should be done to avoid pandemic to reoccur? What other measures have been overlooked to avoid the re-occurrence? Lets review the gaps in the policies that allowed the virus to afflict the nation again.

Correct Interpretation by Media
We need Correct Interpretation by Media of the advises givento the Prime Minister of Malaysia by Dr Jemilaih. The media is incorrect, such as : Stop the Disinfectant Chambers.Dr Jemilah did not say that Disinfectant chambers are harmful but rather stop the use of harmful disinfectants. As we know that many chambers now use disinfectants which are not chemical based and are harmless to the human body.

Discrediting the Disinfectant Chamber and not the disinfectant will cause harm to the nation. Disinfectant Chambers using good disinfectant will help to protect groups in places of worship, work place, shopping centers and even the homes. The only other tool left to combat the virus are wearing face mask , social distancing, taking temperatures, has left a gap for the virus to come back .

Where are the gaps:
a) A cough by an infected person without a face mask will leave the air with Air borne viruses, which will remain in the air for some time. The wearing of face mask does not effectively stop them from inhaling the air borne viruses. The Face mask only stops a person who is coughing virus from spreading.No consideration have been given to this aspect of spread of infection

b) Another form of spreading of the infection is via the shoe soles. As of now nothing is being done to stop via the shoes, Presently the focus is to sanitize the hands and not the feet. Again another gap is laid open for the virus to make a come back can be observed in the Italian experience and studies have shown that the pathogen spread via the soles of shoes We have done nothing in these aspect of transmission of virus.

How to close the Gap
The disinfectant chambers, using of disinfectant which are harmless and effective will help to disinfect the shoes and will stop the air from being air borne with viruses.As any one passing through these chambers@ tunnels are sanitized from head to the feet and afterwards wearing the mask will remove the gaps for the virus to make a come back.

The disinfectant chambers will preserve the sanitized areas from being infected as the virus that are air borne will be eliminated and anyone passing through a chamber and wearing a mask will continue to preserve the sanitized condition of work space, places of worship et al.

These gaps have to be closed before the nation is brought to its knees again.We cannot afford another lock down, as we have bleed financially as a nation and as individuals, another lock down will be a disaster of untold scale.

Now many schools , governmental departments are reluctant to use the disinfectant chamber. because of the many misunderstood the standing advise given by Dr Jemilah, primarily due to the errs of the media .The media should revisit her advice and rewrite her advise .

Mobile Covid 19 Disinfectant Chamber

Sanitizing Chamber

Sanitizing Chamber

This is a process to free from dirt,germs etc as by cleansing or sterilizing to make less offensive by eliminating anything unwholesome, objectionable, incriminating etc,
What is SI Cubes?
They are sanitizing chambers which inhibits corona virus (Covid 19) also known as SAR- CoV 19 from infecting humans. It does not kill it but brings structural changes of the virus that makes it ineffective as a pathogen. In scientific terms it is called conformational changes.It is also called disinfection chamber.The Disinfectant Chambers are mobile and light to carry out.
Dr Jemiliah  adviser to the government of Malaysia has been too anxious to advise the ills of Disinfectant Chamber, however she is not true in our case as not all chamber are harmful, not all chambers use chlorine and alcohol as disinfectant.

corona virus

Diagram of a corona virus

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Why use SiCubes Sanitation and Ionizing chambers?
It attempts to eliminates,inhibiting or reduce the SAR-Cov2 transmission by means of sanitizing the person and whatever they are carrying such as books, groceries, food baggage, suite cases , wallets or hand bags.It can be used in Offices, Factories, Schools, Kindergartens, Homes , Hospitals and Places of worship:
It keep the sanitized office space in sanitized conditions safe as staffs in the office has to visit other places infected areas or persons and on their return will continue to keep the office spaces safe for others.

Protecting and Sanitizing the Office

Sanitizing the Office

It keep the sanitized Factory space in sanitized conditions safe as workers are highly susceptible to infection who on their return from homes to office will continue to keep the Factory spaces safe for others.

Sanitizing the Factories environment

Sanitizing the Factories

3.Schools and Kindergartens
Traditionally the school, a crucible of infection, children infect one and another and often will take home unsolicited infection, where the families are infected like a whirl wind. A Sanitizing Chamber in Schools will reduce this spread as children are sanitized as they come to school and will be sanitized as they return home.

Save Hospitals space

Sanitizing Hospitals space

5.Sanitizing the Homes
Homes are supposedly to be Sanctuaries of safety and protection from the virus: SAR CoV19 or Covid 19. With the Sanitation Chamber: Si Cubes the home can continued to be safe, as house wives and husbands, children coming home are cleansed, Groceries are sanitized on their return after Shopping at the grocers.

Secure and Loving spaces distanced from Corona virus

Peace at Home

6.Places of Worships
The places of worship at the outset of the breakout of pandemic in South Korea ,Singapore and Malaysia were at places of worship such as mosque, churches, temples and conferences. Traditionally these are the places of close contact and a sources of contamination and spread of the infection, Placing a Sanitizing Chamber will minimize or eliminate the potency of the virus spread as the infectivity of the virus is lost in our sanitization chamber.

Securing House of worship

Sanitizing House of worship

The chamber comes in 3 types: Si Cube 1,2, and 3
DIMENSIONS & COST(Options for Sensor, timer-Add RM700):
SI Cube 1 (1mx2mx2m high) -RM4200
SI Cube 2 (1mx1mx2m high) -RM3200
SI Cube 3 (1x1x2m triangular) -RM2999

Sanitizing Chamber

Sanitizing Chamber

SPECIFICATIONS:The structure is made of steel,covering with PVC tarpaulin and spraying system consisting of nozzles, water pump,with 6mm diameter nylon tubing ( optional items are sensor,timer), control panel , The fine atomizing nozzle spray and compressor not included.

SICube Sanitization Chamber

SICube Sanitization Chamber Dimensions on Plans

An Eco Friendly Disinfectants Ingredients are recommended to be used in the spraying system:
The Disinfectants recommended for use is pH 8 Ionized water which has proven to be Effective in inhibiting Corona viruses. This is an Eco friendly ingredient and helps the refreshing of human bodies with ions. It has been proven to be effective as shown in a paper published in a website of NIHs ,USA website. See . This is a body with great credentials and influence in advising the US President on products with proven efficacy.
ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS OF Sanitizing Chamber:Si Cubes
i)Fold-able and Portable
SI Cube is small, light, flexible, easily fixed by a low skilled worker and it is low maintenance system.These Cubes can be folded and put away when it is not necessary. It can be used for homes, offices, factories ,show rooms schools or shopping centers ii)
ii) Protection form Asymptomatic Infected Customers
The SI Cubes protect the working space from the asymptomatic Customers who are infected, and who do not show symptom from spreading the disease to the work place and homes. The infected patients become symptomatic after the incubation period which ranges between 2 to 14days .The SI cube protects you from those infected, showing no signs of infection
iii.)Saving time and making it convenient for all
It can be used for the family members returning home from work or returning home after buying groceries ,who can be sanitized easily. The groceries too can be sanitized easily and effortlessly saving time and effort
iv)Safe, Green Disinfectant and Eco Friendly Disinfectant
The ingredients in the disinfectant used are safe for children and adults, which is not chlorine or alcohol or inorganic chemical based. It is approved by WHO and is a green organic product. Some of our products which is ionised water are neutral and are not chemical based either..Its differentiate between body or skin safe protective spray and surface disinfectant which is harsh chemicals unlike our ionised water
iv)Ingredient are Affordable Disinfectant
The disinfectant such as ionised water is available on demand and are affordable.
v)Effective Disinfectant
The efficacy of the disinfectant, electrolyte water has been proven by FDA and NIH USA

A change that harms the virus that literally destroys it.See an example of conformational changes inflicted on protein structure

Prepared by Ar Perumal Nagapushnam
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