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How to design a fireplace in my house floor plan layout.

The question of How to design a fireplace is s tricky one as the technology has made the fire place redundant, but modern home continue to use the fireplace as a symbol for Living room, and in most older designs it will serve the original purpose to keep the house warm.These are the steps, for which ever the intent of the fireplace is:

Firstly lets discuss why a fireplace? It adds value to your house, it is the center of the house during winter, it adds decoration to the house- It adds beauty and a warmth environment to the home.In a good house floor plan layout, you need to consider the following in your house design:

  • Where locate
  • Styles and Function of fireplace
  • Material used for fireplace

Where to locate Fire Places?
Traditionally, Fire Places were always located in the dinning room, where the roof ridge line meets. For this reason the summer rain and snow melting will not flow into the house. But there is no rules where to place them.

Styles and Function of fireplace
There are 4 basic styles

1) Masonry structure with firebrick internal lining

2) Masonry structure with internal metal lining

3) Ready to install metal fire place with metal chimney

4) Modern electrical fireplaces which has the look of fireplace but run by electricity.

The function of a fire place is to generate heat, and the 90% of heat is lost into the chimney in the traditional fireplaces. And if fireplaces are not built properly it will smoke.|A log home does not look natural if there is not fire place. A fire place gives the ambiance of warmth and coziness of a home. Lastly it is the place of beauty.

Material used for fireplace
The fires place is made of masonry or concrete through out till the chimney above .In case of concrete fireplaces you could line it externally with bricks, or stone work finishes. In the interior the fire places could be a place decorated with timber joinery for display of family photo, seat of decorative items, etc. It is a place of beauty.

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