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10 rules on How do you design a Cottage house floor plan

How shall I recreate the settings of the wonderful, great cottages rendered in the poems and legends past? There are some simple guide lines to follow. Call or contact us at if you need further Architect’s advice. Keep reading and see how simple it can get, see for your self:
How do you design a Cottage house floor plan

Rule 1:
Let your heart dictates the cottage house floor plan.
Rule 2: How do you design a Cottage house floor plan
Let a great prominent Architect -Andrew Jackson Downing (writing in the Horticulturist, 1848) say it to you best, “Do not build your dwelling like temples, churches or cathedrals. Let them be characteristically, dwelling house. let the cottage be a cottage.”The cottage house floor plan don’t have to be ornamented with architectural facades, special doors, window or architectural pediments features and lastly avoid church like features like high pitched roofs or Stain glass window.Modern house floor plans are in opposite other end of cottages.
Rule 3 How do you design a Cottage house floor plan
Use simple porches, veranda’s, simple bay window, and simple doors in its most natural existence that brings honesty to the cottage and a rustic feeling to the cottage.
How do you design a Cottage house floor plan Rule 4
Use a porch as entrance, not direct into the house.
Rule 5
Step roofs allow the snow to fall of naturally
Rule 6
Place the kitchen in the primary position –IN the Front of the house.
Rule 7
Your cottage may be located near a river, sea side, pond, mountain height, or by a simple brook. Use these features into your cottage house plan aggressively integrating then into you.
Rule 8
Avoid rich colors, use plain white where necessary or rather best use the material in its most natural colors.
Rule 9
Avoid large homes to keep the maintenance low and the ambiance of the cottage recreated with little upkeep. As the natural stones, and timbers need no cleaning but rather looks better in its natural existence.
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Keep the small layout open floor plan that will make it cozy and comfortable.
Rule 10
The landscape is the most important feature-
i)the fence,
ii)the stones-cape,
iii) the foot paths
iv) the wine and its flowers

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Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam