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How to design swimming pools in my architectural house design?

If you want a swimming pool in the yard of your new house floor plan, all you need to know these tips for creating your dream house. This article will help you through briefly how to design swimming pools which is part of the architectural design, however it is recommended you always use an architect to do what they are trained best in:

  1. decide on the type of pool
  2. decide where is the best location for your pool
  3. type of material you want for your pool
  4. swimming pool lighting
  5. landscaping your pool
  6. equipment s for pools
  7. style of swimming pool architecture


1. Decide on the type of pool
There are:

  • Naturalistic pools, briefly naturalistic pools are very much the pools you want for an informal setting, where comfort is found.
  • Architectural pools, Architectural pool are brutally fitting the house floor design but may yield a animated   effect for advertisement and magazines covers, befitting the rich and famous.
  • lap pools, Lap pools serve its intent to keep the occupant fit or for training purposes,
  • recreational pools, are pools to give the casual dip, and walk around the poolside or BBQ by the pool
  • spa bath, fountains, streams and water falls
  • Reflection pools.

2. Decide where is the best location for your pool
You could locate pools away from your house, by the side or inside your house. In making this decision always check with your architect, landscaping architect or swimming pools specialist for advice, as your site may pose danger to the swimming pool and your safety. Seek the advice for the Codes will decide the pool parameters.

3.Type of material you want for your pool
Pools are made of:

  • Concrete structure with tile finish, where the ground is not safe
  • Pvc lining where the ground sub base is strong to hold the pool
  • Plastic lining which is a lot stiffer than pvc lining

You may choose which ever all have proven their qualities but I would advise concrete structures as  they could be renovated and more robust and will befit most ground conditions. Study other options, if the cost of construction is the limiting factor.What about the deck materials:
You have great choice of concrete imprints, brick pavements, flagstones, tiles, or even wood deck. All       would look great depending on your choices.

4.swimming pool lighting
The swimming pool lighting is what brings elegance to the pool at night or at an evening by the pool party. Don’t over light up the pool, design the light with options alternative swishes to given low ambiance and medium ambiance and high ambiance as this could be used for different occasions.