How to Choose a Disinfectant Chamber? The 5 E

There are much concerns on how to choose a Disinfectant Chamber in the wake of covid 19 Pandemic.Many have discredited the effectiveness of the Chamber at the outset of the outbreak We will go through 5 E’s critical to select Disinfectant Chamber: Efficacy,Efficient,Energy savings.Eco Friendly Disinfectant,Eyes Friendly

The overall system should be effective and a safe system. The disinfectant should be scientifically proven from authoritative bodies such as NIH USA. Or tested by virologist in a real life situation. (The use of face mask, social distancing,sanitizing a the entrance and taking temperature as a method to regulate or contact tracing is not proven scientifically either. Although there are many papers produced but no robustly tested but proven by data.)

The equipment( fogging or spraying) used should be reviewed for instance disinfectant used in hot fogging machine has lost its efficacy to be effective to inhibit the virus.

  • Efficient

The chamber should be light, portable, mobile, and movable system. It should be light enough to be carried around for flexible use for instance you may use it for your home but in situation you have a garden party you may want to move the disinfectant chamber to the garden. The mobility is essential for better usability, It should be able to put it away when not used, And light enough that even ladies can  move it around or carry it around.

The amount of energy used per use should be minimum such as 12volts any any thing above is unnecessary and a waste of energy. It should be environmentally friendly and doing less harmful to the environments by being energy saving.

The disinfectant should not hurt the environment or the ozone layer that which took many years of collaborative effort to close the hole in the sky,It should be light and easy of the body and the environment, Disinfectants approved for building surfaces should bot be mistaken for disinfectants approved for human beings. The USEPA approved the following for surfaces :†hymol, quaternary ammonium, Isopropanol, ethanol, L-lactic acid, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, phenolic, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite, sodium dichloroisocyanurate dehydrate, hypochlorous acid, citric acid, silver, peroxyoctanoic acid, peroxyacetic acid, peracetic acid and octanoic acid. These disinfectants may not be harmful to the human body causing: allergies, skin itch or eye burns. We suggest disinfectants that are eye friendly, eco friendly and even human friendly.

  • Eyes Friendly

The disinfectant should be easy to the eyes and some disinfectant chamber requires one to close the eyes as you enter the chamber as they use chemicals which are really not suitable for human beings, These disinfectant are suitable for sanitizing the building or objects but not for sanitizing the human body such as bleaching product such as Hydrogen Peroxides.

According to MOH, most of the spraying process in the disinfection box / chamber / tunnel / booth / partition / gate takes 30 seconds for each trip of disinfection, which may not enough to deactivate coronavirus. As such we use a disinfectant that inhibits the virus within a 30minutes of time but with the ionized part of the disinfectant would destroy the corona virus immediately.

I hope this was useful for your selection of disinfectant chamber, Check out our Disinfectant Chamber too before you leave.