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French County House Plan

Generally the types of French homes 

The types of French homes styles are generally of the following types:

o   French country style,

o   French country –Chateaus style

o   French Provincial House Style

o   French Eclectic House Styles

o   French Normandy House Styles

French Provincial House Style

French Provisional house

French Provisional house

French Provincial house styles are simple, laid in square plans or cube shaped. The symmetrical forms often resemble the small homes with large hipped roofs and timber window shutters typical of French homes. Another distinguishing feature is the high windows at the upper levels often break through the external cornices. The French Provincial homes, do not have towers like those of the French Normandy styles. These are home generally built after the war when returning American soldiers learned of the French style sand modified them to suit their needs in the US

French Eclectic House Styles

French Electic Homes

French Electic House Plans

The feature that identifies with the of French Eclectic is its steep pitched roofs, It is hip, and the eave is often bent as is it to flare at the edges

French Normandy House Styles

French Normandy Home

French Normandy House

French Normandy house plans are identified and characterized by the round stone tower topped by a conical (cone-shaped) roof which is placed near the center or by the sides which either serves as the main entrance to the French house plans or serves as a feature of the as additional design feature within the French architectural designs .This is the Normandy French homes a small castles-like feature created by the stone arched walls and stone doorways .


~ high roof lines.

~  Stucco, brick or stone.

~ Large chimneys

~  arches are curved

~  stone work

~  multi-paned windows

~  dormers

~  round towers

~  hipped roof

~  flared eaves

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french house plans styles

french house


French house plans may possess asymmetrical exteriors with a combination of typical ornamental that attributes to French designs such as French hip roof, flared eaves, dormer roof .In addition to these common characteristics of design are the finishes such as Stucco cement rendering and face brick exteriors. Step Hip roof pitches are typically French and the attic spaces of the roof are punctured with Dormer window to create living spaces. These homes are usually two stories in height with high roof lines. The chimneys are typically large, angled and sloped at the base of the chimneys.

Other elements prevalent are the tall, windows with slat-board shutters, steep roofs, multiple gabled roofs, and curved .windows painted timbers, windows boxes, traditional wrought iron railings and faced brick wall around windows and doors with the traditional outlook.

Symmetrical plans with steep hipped roofs are sometimes made great French homes. Symmetrical homes are great for homes relating to official functions that typify formality, grandeur, and authority.
French style houses usually have steep roofs, subtly flared curves at the eaves and are faced with stucco and stone. Typically, the roof comes down to the windows. The second floor often is on the roof.

The French country style includes both simple, modest cottage like farmhouse designs and as well as for the rich look called chateaus. These styles create an ambiance of a rustic warmth with the comfort of the country in design. Again the typical design elements are the arch curved and stone-work. In the interiors you may find the beams constructed of wood, cement plastered walls and floors finished with a stone in a rustic manner. This is the common theme and feature of a French country style. It reflects a diversity of formal wealthy styles of architecture. While there are Formal and Informal elements of designs, the houses types ranging from the humble French cottages styles to the farmhouses styles to the Grand chateaus as romantically portrayed in stories.

Night view of French House Night view of French House

Night view of Dream French House layout styles

















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Prepared by Jimmy Yong Yuan JIe of Saito college and Architect Perumal Nagapushnam