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Interior Of Modern House

Prepared by Tan Li See of Saito College and Architect Perumal Nagapushnam

What is Modern Interior Design Style?

Modern house interiors are simply a sleek and a simple design that is focused on the functional spaces and an omission of redundancy and is more organized. Modern design uses basic shapes of geometry emphasizing the simple edges, curves, angles and sharp and clean lines in all the fit outs and design of interiors.  This style grew from the idea to build for functional elements and, to do away with the traditional deco’s and intricacies, embracing new materials which new material technology made available helps to embrace new outlooks, new ambiances, spaces with out-of-this-world feelings.

The motto that drove the modern design is primary “Less is more”, “God is in the details” , “function before forms” and new material technology.

The Modern interior design is liberated to the use of material, new shapes and forms, new details which are wide and not confined to a single defining style.It is also a minimalist approach to keep the space simple and allow the space to tell the story.

What Makes Modern Furniture Modern?

Modern furniture is streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces.  Pieces are simple, uncluttered, built for the economy of form, and to serve a purpose.  Furniture pieces are kept to a bare minimum.  The driving design concept is honesty: keeping structure and building material in plain view.

The concept of Green and Sustainability is gaining relative importance worldwide and corporates are keen to embrace this idea as a responsible corporate, Clients tend to move towards this trends and hence more designers are using recycled materials for use in modern design, Interiors designers also need to use energy efficient material and system to [produce a high energy performance designs using renewable energy sources such as light harvesting, wind turbines, Pv solar panels, geothermal energy etc Read more about Green and Net zero energy design at our website.

What about Accessories in Modern Design?

Modern Art and sculptures are used rather than little trinkets, ornamented walls or ornamented elements (skirting, architraves, and dados). Art pieces are carefully chosen for their unique appeal which may serve as a focal point in a space or convey the theme of the space as to create a mood and the right ambiance.

Geometric and simple patterns rugs , simple light fittings, simple furniture with accented colors , materials with a shin and a shine such as chrome, glass and transparent materials that accentuates the new look of modern interiors, which is a fascination.

What about Color?

With the advent of modern colors and discovery of new color combinations, these new colors align with the modern designs and detached with the conventional traditional colors.

For instance, yellow& blue and navy blue& gold are old color combinations that naturally are a reflection of the past ages.

To days designers embraced pure color such as black, white, and gray with vibrant primary colors as a way to celebrate modernity in designs.

Colors can create a certain feeling of calmness, distressing moments, anxiety, and alertness or a romantic mood or a commercial ambiance. Colors for the office and colors for the home are different. Domesticated colors tend to be floral, patterned etc.

Bold contrast using reds, greens, or black, for example, can provide a visual accenting backdrop on a wall, for large pieces; bold color can bring emphasis and focus on the furniture. Read on how to use color for the homes

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Prepared by Tan Li See of Saito College and Architect Perumal Nagapushnam


Architect Perumal Nagapushnam