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Dream House

Dream House Floor Plans

How to design a dream house floor plan

Follow these 10  steps, it leads and  guides and a serious student of Design( Interior Designing ,Architecture or Engineering) to design a dream home.

Step 1-Design Brief for a dream house floor plan

A Design Brief is a list of requirements for of the home design , The size of of the brief is pending on the size of the project. The brief will correspond in its size requirements . For a large project a Design Brief may be as thick book listing all the requirements of design from Interior Designing ,Architectural, M&E and Civil and Structural requirements.
Request for a Design Brief before commencing to design .,Some clients may not have a proper brief, if so you may have to sit with them and assess the brief.


The Design brief may outline :
1)the details of the building and the Interiors
2)details of the interiors,
3)the quality of building construction,
4.)site conditions ,
5.)compliance to the building codes,
6.)studies that needs to be undertaken etc

Net Zero Building building site analysis

Eco Green building site analysis

Step 2-Site Analysis for a dream house floor plan

A Site Analysis is a  study of the conditions of site, its features. the characteristics of the site, the adversities of the site, the weather (wind directions) conditions, the topography features, the flood levels, the direction of sun path, the views and vistas, existing vegetation, slopes, building set back of the site and other conditions existing in the site.

In some instances the type of soil and ground conditions should be analyzed  as it will affect the cost of building.This is refereed to as geotechnical investigation. Please read on..for site analysis for Net Zero Energy and Eco Green building design

Bubble diagram for designing a house

Bubble diagram for a dream house floor plan

Step 3-Bubble Diagram for a dream house floor plan

A Bubble Diagram is a study of the relationship of spaces as required in the Design Brief (Step 1) and connecting with the site analysis( Step 2). The spaces are approximated in shapes of bubbles and those bubbles that are related closely by functions are placed closer to each other. and spaces that are affected by the site conditions are approximated and reflected in the Bubble Diagram.

Step 4- grid

The approximated bubble diagram layout is laid out over a grid line. A grid line either in 2 ft (600mm),4 ft(1200mm) or 8 ft(2400mm) grid are necessary and used to designing the building as it helps to minimize the cost of materials or structures in the building construction.  A 2 ft (600mm), 4 ft(1200mm) grids lines are used with the intention to save material  and detailing the interiors and 8 ft(2400mm) grid lines are used to save the construction cost of structure.

Step 5-Template of the room (spaces)

Draw a templates of the spaces( such as the bedroom, the kitchen, the toilets, the staircases, the Great room etc) as identified in the Bubble Diagram required in the client brief, and place them over the grid as your bubble diagram  and the Grid lines and  study the spaces and  makes senses of the  design layout plan.The  design layout may seems like this.

Preliminary house design layout

house design layout

Step 6-Design Layout and Form for a dream house floor plan

In finalizing the design layout ensure all the requirements of the clients brief are met and correlate it with the form of the building. Make the adjustments in relationship with the form you have minded. Visualize the form with the layout as they correspond with each other.

Finalize the design layout in relation to the Form of the building or make adjustments to the Layout due to a Form or the adjust the Form to the layout. At this stage all the interior concepts should be integrated with the building, eg garden in the toilet, or garden in the Living, water pool in the building, water fall view from the Dining, BBQ areas etc.

toliet with green

toilet with Eco-green layout

Step 7-Details for a dream house floor plan

God is in the details and so at this stage ensure the details you have in mind are incorporated. Ensure the details are thought thoroughly  such as spaces of storage, cabinets, shelves, interior layout ideas, Net Zero Energy requirements, Eco-green and sustainability requirements details…you may at this stage want to revise the above step 5,6 as you may discover a problem in trying to establish the layout or even so you may have difficulty in detailing a corner correctly. These steps are cyclical in nature you may want to revisit the layout with the forms as many times as you may want too. Check our how to design baths, how to design kitchens, how to use stones in designing,how to design swimming pools and  how to select colors

Step 8- Architectural Styles and Appearance for a dream house floor plans

Design the style and appearances with the ornaments that symbolize the styles, such the Victorian styles have the front highly ornamented, the timber is crafted, the fascia board is crafted to illustrate a style.

material mapping

3d Model with mapping material for a dream house layout

Step 9- Create a 3 D Model for a dream house floor plans

Create a 3 D Model and study the design, review the interiors in the 3 D model, you may review the layout to suit the forms proportions, or the required interiors are not attainable. I would recommend google sketch up software as it is easy to use and the warehouse downloads are just amazing, where almost any thing can be downloaded.

Step 10- Materials selections and Rendering 3 D Models

Select materials for exteriors and the interiors and start rendering the 3 D Models and review if you obtain the views you wanted, review the rendered interiors. I would recommend I-Render as a rendering software and Google sketch up for creating the 3 D model.

perspective of room Level 1The Traditional Japanese House Floor Plan

perspective of room Interior of  Japanese House Floor Plan

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Prepared by Eco Green Architect and Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam


Night view of French House Night view of French House

Night view of French House

How do I create a new dream Home using a Bungalow Architect

Designing a “Dream House Floor Plan” is relatively easy. Follow a few simple steps and you are in the right directions without making any out of the beat decisions.

Step 1 in Creating  your new dream Home

Have a collection of your ideal pediments and ornaments for roof structures, window dressings, door dressings, frame styles, tile collections, lockets and decorations that you really want to have in your dream house floor plan.

Dream house

Washington– Dream house

Step 2 in Creating  your new dream Home

Continue to visit friends who have great house and talk to them about the mistake and great thing they achieved in their homes. You will learn from them with first hand experience on how they designed their new dream Home.

Brick house Dream house

Brick house Dream house

Step 3  in Creating  your new dream Home

The great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright studied the Japanese House Floor Plan and spends some years in Japan to study the great design. His designs were influenced by the great Japanese design that existed in the Japanese House Floor Plan. It is therefore good for all who wants to contrive a home plan, start by looking at other good designs and get an idea of what suites you and your budget.


You could do the same, enlarge your understanding by studying other houses. Check out my site at for some architects designed homes for some ideas.You don’t have to spend too much money buying books or magazines but rather browse the web site on the topic of house floor design. and soon you would have an good idea of what you need.

Step 4  in Creating  your new dream Home

If you have no clue to designs or styles, choose from of a plan closes to your dream  styles in your  neighborhood for your favorite architectural house style or house floor plans in google search. you can contact us for some idea of how you could begin, Generally architectural styles have developed from the Classical period, the Gothic, Neo-classical, Gothic revival, Tudor, Victorian,Edwardian,Modern,Post Modern,deconstruction etc to Green and Sustainability to Net Zero Energy House floor Plans.The are also some tropical styles such as Balinese styles, Malay Home style, Indian styles and Chinese and Japanese Styles and African styles and French styles and Mediterranean Styles

Malay House Plan

Traditional Malay House Plan

Step 5  in Creating  your new dream Home

Now that you are armed with what you want for your new dream Home and you have obtains a house floor plan closes to your dream. Seek to modify your plans based on your needs. List out what is your needs, what does the house serve to functions as…And . If the changes are too great, choose a Bungalow Architect whos can help you here , most often you would need help as architect is trained and displined to modify the to suite your need .But some time your site may not suite the plans you have chosen, as the building may not fit into he site, or the best optimized layout is not achieved not matter what you do the modify the house floor plans. The study of the sites constraints and best features of the site is called a site analysis.In this instance it is best you redesign the dream plans using an architect.

Choose some one who is friendly and flexible and who would spend time with you to achieve what you want. Remember bungalow designs are difficult to design and there are very few Architects who would to do that for the minimal fees they collect. In the first place the fees they collect usually do not commensurate with the amount of time to be employed. Choose well.check out our reasonable fees.

Step 6  in Creating  your new dream Home

Make a correct decision to choose an architect as you may not be able to get rid of him easily until you settle his fees.

Before you decide to employ an Architect, ask your friends who have previously employed one for advice. Make sure you see his company profile of the work he has done .If you are satisfied! Employ him. Remember, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys for architects. If have some extra money to spend on good architectural services, pay for it. You will not regret that decision.

Share with him your dreams and what features, pediments, ornaments and photo of what you want or need. Some Bungalow Architect hate to see these preferences as they would like to think you are hitting the wrong direction and that they have the only solution for you site and so on and so forth.

You have to decide if you want to continue with some one you can work with or not, otherwise go get another. There is not many to choose from, any way.

Step 7  in Creating  your new dream Home

Make sure the Bungalow Architect’s designs that he gives you -an architectural house style that suites your needs, lifestyle and fanciful new dream Home. And when you are done with the design, the architect will take you through the job.check out our site for some magnificent designs you will note we are the best in the world wide web, as our designs are hand designed.


Best Wishes on your Dream House floor Plan.