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Green vertical walls

Green Architecture

Green Architecture-a misunderstood word

Green Architecture is probably misunderstood and misrepresented ie the Green certification program make a building Green.Neither is it that  merely planting of green plants in building does not represent Green Architecture. Existing Green Certification programs exists but the focus is skirting the topic and issues at large.

But rather ,the planting of Green plants must have a purpose, which ought to be, to provide benefits of eco biodiversity, reap the benefits of health as  type of home affects your health and improves the Biodiversity of the surrounding environment.
And it ought to saves the eco system and our future depends on it. Our future and sustainability depends on it on how we teat the Climate system, which we all share..Global temperatures are rising and it is said that the most conservative calculation indicates a temperature increase by 2-6 degrees C by the year 2100. The climate systems are being aquandered.Our Eco Biodiversity is being lost rapidly. The Loss of biodiversity ought to be the primary reason for Green Architecture. Buildings and Infrastructures are to design the strcutures with a restoration of biodiversity –Restorative Biodiversity design Biodiversity design,otherwise our future sustainability will be affected to the brink of disaster of out civilisation.

Vertical green architecture

green vertical wall

Loss of biodiversity

What is biodiversity? Read on biodiversity.
The design of the  The loss of biodiversity is to be the primary focus  in designing our buildings and it comes with many names-some call it:
1.Hyper Green designs
2.Green Architectural design
3.State of Art Green design
4.Ecological green
5.Eco green design
6.Restorative environmental designs
7.Bio-diversity designs

Green Architecture Designs
It is planting of a vierty of plants( fauna) to encourage the viriety of animals( fauna) and the ground should be rich( habitats) for these growth.The planting of trees should be a combined effort of Landscape Architect and a Ecologist to produce diversity of plants , animals and habitats for its survival. Biodiversity should be further enhanced by incorporating EM-Effective Microbes. Effective Microbes which kills the bad bacteria and help the flaura and fauna to live in a healthier environment.

Benefits of Loss of well being factor etc

Improving the biodiversity of the environment helps to improves healthier people, cleaner water,cleaner air and well being of people. It reduces energy consumption, reduces water footprint, energy footprint and ecological footprint.

Prepared by Architect Perumal Nagapushnam

The 50 men who can save the world by Green ecological strategies

Haze in Singapore

Can Green and Sustainability strategies solve the Haze in Singapore and Indonesia

The Guardian on the 5th Jan 2008 published the 50 people who can save the planet earth and justified why they could save the world.  In  this  article  I  would  like  to  review  the  flawed  sensibility  of  that  article  published  by  The  distinguished  Guardian   focused on the Green ecological strategies  that could save the world as a watered down review of the serious matter. Six reasons reasons why this  is so.

1)Green ecological strategies

Firstly the people listed were mostly those who championed the green  ecological strategies to avoid the  destruction of  the world such as loss of trees,melting of the  icebergs, Green ecological Architect, extinction of whales , tigers  in  the  Eco  system and  the Eco city planned by English engineer.

The basis of argument forged seems presumptuous and shallow. In fact a reputable newspaper should not have attempted a shallow major undertaking of such without responsibilities.As these articles has been often quoted as if they were truth.

2)No Proof of global warming in Green ecological strategies

As of today the weather changes and the causes global warming caused by CO2 emission is still a not a establish fact, Scientists are divided on this matter and some has suggested the weather changes is another grandiose hoax.The reasons for deluge of calamities, inundating floods, disaster , diseases etc have never be connected to as a divine messages from divinity for the human discordance with divinity, was never considered or even trying to establish the reasons by scientific means of the reasons for the global issues. At least or perhaps   was  the  Guardian  should  have  attempted  to  establish the  facts by convergence of scientist instead choose to select  Hollywood ;s  Leonardo  Di  Caprio  sudden  awareness  of  the ecological disaster .

3.) Qualified men but no clout in Green ecological strategies

Thirdly the world cannot be saved by some burst of exuberance for Green ecological strategies of  some  unheard  school  child  raising funds ( USD7,600) of  the  extinction  of  tigers  in  India  or  African  Minister  preaching  the  planting  of some ten thousands of planting of trees or a Civil Engineer following a design brief , which in the first place which was not even his ideas but of the Chinese officials to building an Eco city in China and  as  if  the  prototype  city ,  will  take  be  an  example for all the world.For   now the success of the Eco city has yet to even been proven.

4.)Men of Green ecological strategies who have spurious agendas

Fourthly men such as the spurious Al Gore who made riches out of the global warming agenda, Leonardo Di Caprio who had a reputation for ecological destruction of a beach for the show The Beach, Green ecological architect Ken Yeang ”who has not arrived yet” of what he preaches  or an Indian school boy who raised USD7.600  and men who preach savings carbon emission but live a hypocrite luxurious heavy carbon foot print -are  be  able  to  influence  the  world  to  bring  the  changes   in  the  global  weather  changes . Do these men covered with deception and falsehood have sufficient clout to bring changes which may have no eventual  effect.

5.)Multi faceted strategies in multi faceted Green ecological strategies

Fifthly the Green ecological strategies  solutions  seems  is  the  only  solutions  to  save  the  world  from  its  impending  dangers. Should not there be a multi faceted combinations of many strategies ranging collaboratively from the sciences, computer technologies, ecological,engineering, urban planning, architectural ,innovations and modern technologies that will bring s solutions to our problems.

No one person or knowledge, skill or group will have sufficient clout to save the world, for instance the Indian had knowledge of the atom for thousands of years but thus singular body of knowledge was not sufficient to save the Indians from famines, hungers, floods and destruction they endured for many years. As such no  one  single  knowledge  is  able  to save   humanity and  no  ecological  strategies  alone  is  able to  save  the  destruction  that  is  so  imminent .It  takes  a  combine effort and combined human effort- the Net Zero Energy architects, Net Zero Energy town and urban planers, the ecologist, the environmentalist, the engineer, the innovation, scientist,medical discoveries, the financial systems, the bankers, the builders, every groups of peoples to come together to be aware of the failures and ring the changes in a concerted effort.

6.)Prejudiced Facade of Green ecological strategies

Finally the article indicates that that only 5 men from the US were qualified , as if this really mattered if it where these men were from, but it seems to matter most in this article matters it was a form of  whipping the US.for such a pitiable performance.. The whole article seems like a prejudiced facade .

Perhaps we can learn a lesson or two from the American Founding Fathers seeking in prayer.[1] for divine help after weeks of not being able to solve the constitution , they sought to prayer and all have attested o the fact they had received divine help. The leaders of the world could do this, humbling enough to find access to the above and find a solution to our problems. After all is it not that the 1% of inspiration of the 99% perspiration that constitutes a genius.

Even if divine help is not reachable, the disasters can be sustainable not alone by Green and sustainable solutions  but by our preparedness for the worst.And our only survival will also depend on how we are self reliant , not dependence on the utility companies or ecologist for saving the world, but our own preparedness for survival, we should be self reliant.  Where  w e  are  organically  dependent ,  which  is  Net  Zero  energy  strategies,  off  the  grid,  self reliant of water supply from the utility companies, Independence of waste water and sewerage disposal ). This should apply to us a building or as a city.Our cities should be Net Zero Cities, every building should be Net Zero Energy Building


.[1] Max Farrand, The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911), Vol. I, pp. 450-452, from James Madison’s Notes on the Convention for June 28, 1787.


Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam