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Bhutan’s Carbon Negative Strategy

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Bhutan’s Problem-they have 2000 glaciers to contend with. One glacier melting will cause flooding. Blobal warming and climate change has affected them as floods destroys the  people property  and livelihood etc.72% of the country is forest covers; the constitution requires a minimum of 60% of Bhutan to be forest cover. Free college, health care is free, limited resources are used carefully. 600K people with GDP of USD 2Billion . The GDH( Gross Development Happiness) has a higher importance  than the GDP.

Bhutan’s Carbon Negative Strategy

The following are Bhutan’s Carbon Negative Strategy
i)Planting trees in the forest
ii)Trending towards a Paperless nation
iii)Protect the parks and pristine country
iv)Protect the biodiversity
v)Transition fund and full funding from donors.
vi)World life Fund works with Bhutan
vii)Global Biodiversity Hot-spots in the world to be Carbon Neutral ,It is carbon negative
ix) Rural Framers give free electricity so that they don’t need to use fire wood to cook food
x)  Subsiding the energy lighting
xi) Transport is using electric cars
xii) Clean up Bhutan all over
xii) Protected Area are carbon sink, Natural Parks, Reserves are connected, animals are free to roam through put the country, manage the forest Tigers travel 4000 miles from one place to another from one country to another.

Co2 Accounting of Bhutan’s Carbon Negative Strategy

i) Bhutan produces 2.2m ton of Co2,
ii) Forest sequesters 6 million Co2, net carbon sink is 4m tones each year
ii) Renewable Hydro Electric Power produces 17m tones,Co2 is offset, 6m tone per year

Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam