sdaarchi SDA Architect Ionized Water Disinfectant pH 8 alkaline water scientifically proven efficacy

What is pH 8 Ionized water disinfectant?
This is the disinfectant used in SI Cubes disinfectant chamber or Sanitation and Ionizing chamber. It is great tool which has proven efficacy to inhibit corona virus from infecting humans .

According to a scientific paper published by NIH,USA the corona virus brings about physical structural changes on the corona virus which is called conformational change.

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This post will simply the findings in the paper:
1) The spike protein on the membrane of the corona virus is damaged when used in water of pH8 at temperature 37degree Centigrade. This spike protein is the potent part of the virus which penetrate into the cells of human causing infection. The virus losses it ability to infect human beings which is losing its infectivity.

  • These evidences were visible via the microscopes.
  • The corona viruses were stable in acidic conditions at pH6
  • The corona virus were further and increasingly unstable with Clelands reagent.
  • It was suggested that the corona virus ability to attack the human cells were affected in mildly alkaline solutions such as pH 8.

The benefits of Alkaline
a) Nature is in a alkaline condition such as our blood and even the earth however the earth and our bodies are constantly bombarded with acidic rain and acidic food for our bodies, as such the stable condition for good performances are remarkably reduce. Our agricultural out put are reduced with acidic earth and so is our immunity is reduced with acidic conditions which enhances the conditions right for cancer cells growth. The list goes on which includes:
i) improves the anti-aging properties of human cells
ii) enhances the colon-cleansing properties
iii) improves the immune system support
iv) hydration, skin health, detoxifying properties
v) helps in the reducing the weight
vi) help to resist production of cancer cells
vii) most of all you have a peace of mind when you use this alkaline pH8 ionized water as sanitizing disinfectant in your SiCube chambers, that when you return home you are not infecting your families and not destroying the sanctity and peace of your homes.

The water in the sea is naturally alkaline

The alkaline sea

The benefits of Ionizing water:
Ionizing the air or our bodies have much benefits such as good health, self recovering process, rejuvenation of our health.good focusing of the mind which permeates to greater productivity,lesser medical leave at work by employees, lesser dust in the air and increase in a healthy body.The same benefits that one accrues from Hyper Green Architecture. The ions in the air creates a refreshing moment such as the same feeling on the environment immediately after a rain or in the surrounds of a water fall. In these situations such as water fall and after rain feeling are situations where there are a lots of negative ions in the air which creates a brighten view of the environment.

To sum it up negative ions as that found in Ionizing disinfectant water does the following thing benefiting us:
a)They help to neutralize free radicals that is detrimental to our health
b)They revitalize cell metabolism and acclivity.
c) They enhance immune functions of the human body.
d) They purify and cleanse the blood’s impurities.
e) They balance the nervous system, promoting deep sleep ( Settles the mind) and healthy digestive functions in our bodies.
f) Ions kill viruses and bacteria by zapping them as a lightning zaps us Negative ions are a great way to sanitize the air as much as alkaline does.Our sanitized homes, sanitized offices, sanitized work places and sanitized place of worships are safer with a peace of mind.

In addition to alkaline water we ionize the water to give it additional power to inhibit the coronavirus quickly and within a short time.