sdaarchi SDA Architect How to get back return to normality in-spite of Corona virus Pandemic
Types of Sanitizing Disinfectant Chamber

Types of Sanitizing Chamber

How to get back to work andreturn tonormalityin-spiteof CoronavirusPandemic

Presently we are all compelled to a lock-down, to a social distancing and wearing a face mask and In some locality the lock-down has not been removed .Why should we be wearing face mask, why should we be social distancing and why at all a lock-down. This is so because China adopted this methods to implement control of the Pandemic and we had followed blindly without any rational scientific basis. Hence the social distancing and wearing the mask is new social normality by way of imposed local laws. Even sanitizing with disinfectantevery where and every place.

The question that should be aggressively addressed is this all necessary?

  • What are the scientific evidences for enforcing the lock-down?
  • What the reason( scientific proofs) for wearing face mask? or
  • What are the evidences for enforcing social distancing?
  • What are the disinfectant that are efficient in sanitizing the corona virus
  • Is there other options and without having the above without all of the above?

A.The Reasons for lock-down

When the government enforced the lock-down we were told at the outset that the incubation period for corona viruses were between 2days to 14days and by enforcing the 14 day lock-down, we will identify the person B: who is spreading the virus, who is asymptomatic and this culprit will surface within 14 days of lock-down period and we will bend the curve. But the lock-down period was extended further and re-extended even further until it lasted a 3 months period of lock-down.The reason for lock-down because of the incubation was all forgotten and why 3 months of lock-down?

Flawed Reasoning: From a 14 day incubation period to 90days incubation period?. The sciences of 14day incubationdid not work and evidences were flawed, Something had gone a miss or we missed the principal point. See this post that says the science behind all these are patchy and unjustified.Then when we cannot justify we desperately imposed social distancing as another measure to curb the virus?

B.The Reasons given for social distancing:

That we are all a aerosol spraying via our noses: spraying a mist of 70micron mm of droplets in the air which spread over to a distance of 2m and the virus would be alive for 3 hours and the next person coming along would be infected.Therefore a 6 ft of distance apart will help minimize the spread of disease from asymptomatic persons.

Flawed Reasoning:The percentage of live virus in the aerosols droplets are only 0.1% and they die rapidly and the burden or load of virus that will infect a person is not founded or proven to inflict on others. If the reasons dont have any evidences then why do enforce the social distancing.Another reason was that social distancing was a way to contact tracing infected person.again no sciences behind all this , we had just counseled out fears to this

C.The Reason for Wearing Mask:

That we stop the spread of diseases by our coughs or sneezes and also we are again protected from coughing persons and then the fine droplets would be stopped from entering into our noses. But scientific evidence have not been proven either that was true. In most instances there are so many gaps between the face mask and our faces that the air leaked either way. Either the air leaked into our noses or our infection was easily leaked out of face mask.

Flawed Reasoning: the research and data on these are not well founded, firstly the cases studies available are not consistent, in some cases studies the rate of infection among asymptotic person don’t match with other case studies ,The real reasons for infection can not be blamed to not wearing the face mask, Additionally the face mask worn presently does not stop infected air in the surrounds from infecting the wearer neither does it stop a person who coughs from spreading to the non wearer either.The efficacy of the person wearing mask is unfounded and not justified and the debate continues.

The recent studies carried out a group of scientist funded by WHO, published by Lancet,a science journal claims that face mask, social distancing et al help to reduce transmission. On review of the details of the study, it was merely a study of collection of data not based on analysis or lab test or microscopic studies. I suspect with statistics you can proof any thing either way and would suspect any thing funded by the spurious WHO .

Recommendations: Disinfecting Chamber and a good Cotton Mask

I suggest that we wear cotton masks instead of leaky face mask which is more effective. It seals the nose from infecting those who don’t wear . It is more effective in stopping infection spreading to others if we are the infected person.: if people are sanitized as often via a Sanitizing and Ionizing Chamber @ Disinfectant Chamber .The chances of infecting others even if we are asymptomatic are eliminated also. Life can still be normal such as seating closely in airplanes, restaurant, banks, hospitals and every working place.The Disinfectant Chambers will prove efficient only if it proper proven .I suggest the alkaline based disinfectant have been tested and with microscopic evidence prove that corona virus are inhibited and made ineffective to infect humans. In addition to this the recommended Ionized Disinfectant is used which further annihilates viruses and bacteria.