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What are the Characteristics of  houses in Tudor Architecture?
The Tudor Architecture was beautiful and elegant with the impressions of the  black and white structural lattice framing on the facade. The semi exposed beams and vertical structural members accentuated the beauty of the house.This style has been popular among the modern homes where the elements have been modified to suite the modern times. In is very popular in Asia to which vividly symbolizes English homes.

  • the In Tudor Architecture the houses are made from a wooden framework of beams.
  • The timber beams in Tudor Architecture are uneven because they were cut by hand rather than by machine.
What is Tudor Architecture?

Tudor architecture

The  above Building mimics  the Tudor Architecture styles  where the timber works are replaced with cement or timber external lining to resemble Tudor architecture. It is treated to look akin to the Tudor Architecture, whereas during the times of Tudor the beam were serves as a structural member.

Today the architects , even the famous living Architect, continue to use the above features in recreating the architecture of old.

Prepared by Net Zero Energy Architect Perumal Nagapushnam