The Pandemic has exposed many errors and flawed policies in the governments. We see many government’s standard Operating Procedures (SOP) such as recording the names of visitors and temperature reading , What are we doing here? Does it make sense?

If a person has normal temperature and does it means that he is not infected and is safe to enter the premises. And he is not transmitting the covid19 diseases.†If a person has high temperature does it mean he is a covid19 patient†The rationale of reading temperature is a mere waste of time and resources.

†The Diagram above show the Gaps between the nose and the mask allow the air to leak into the nose and leaks out when breathing out? The same is the case for surgical and N95 mask. Who so ever thinks the face mask serves to protect has to look careful again. Any experiment conducted to support the use of face mask has gone err. If the surgical mask is a one way protection and the M95 is a two way protection the diagram proofs that is not the case for breathing in and breathing out.

This can be proven by the above diagram and also when we use these mask we note that when we are in a smelly environment the mask does not stop the foul air from getting into our noses. If this being the case so it when we breath out. And to say N95mask filters 95% of airborne particles is wrong.

Some one is up to some mischief and out to capitalize of the market fears.
Again it is recommended to use sanitize the visitors completely using the Disinfectant chambers with disinfectant that is proven by scientific data and microscopical evidence. And then wear a cotton face mask that has proper filters that protect the infiltration inwards and outwards of the nose

By this any one who is sick whether they have temperature or not is cleanse and our environment is kept save by the mask. It may be the school, office, place of worship or even our sacred homes. This another valid reason why use a Disinfectant Chamber to protect your safe ones at home and at work place.