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Why and how to choose the type of paint for my new architectural house design.

Why do I have to paint my Architectural house!

Painting has 2 functional reasons  , which is to :

  • Protection, to protect the material painted on
  • Aesthetics, to make material painted to look beautiful

A) Protection

  • You generally protect iron, aluminum, wood, brick, block, cement rendered and plastered surfaces. If you don’t iron will rust, wood will decay, bricks & blocks will collect fungi and cemented surfaces will discolor and will have a look of decadence.
  • Another good reason for painting is protect against the harsh conditions such as -salt spray from the sea-coast or such as a polluted air that causes the materials to corrode rapidly.
  • Other protections are such as-application of preservatives on timber surfaces to prevent insect attacks on timber.
  • A good painting scheme can last for 10 years or more.

B) Aesthetics

  • Generally the look of material after a good treatment of protection has a distasteful appearance and lacking any appeal. As such the material is further treated to look good and the appeal you trying to create.
  • These additional coatings of paint for aesthetics will give additional weather protection as a good cover as well.

Ok, now have I  convinced about why the need to painting and its necessities, if so let us  , continue on to the next topic:-How do I choose what paint to use!

Of course, by now you should have chosen your theme of colors you want to use for your house, if you have not you may want to read for guide lines on how I choose colors for my articles of how to choose the color:

step 1.0 Choose colors.

Decide the colors schemes for the house floor plans or building layout

step 2.0 Select the Brand of paint.

Selecting the paint brand may be difficult as there are many brands. Choose the brand that gives 5-10 years warranty. There may be conditions to this, please read the warranty carefully, and ensure the preconditions for the enforcement of the  warranties are full filled.Some times it is difficult to choose the exact color but in recent time the suppliers  can create the colors you but of course with a cost to it.

step 3.0 Select the Coats

Look through their manufacturer’s recommendation of what painting coats they recommend and the number of coats required for a 5 year warranty or a 10 year warranty. Check the type of coating recommended for the material.

Surface Preparation
Before painting the most important thing any painter need to do is surface preparations. If the surface is well done most of your painting scheme will give less problem and last long. I am not going to go through all the types of preparation as it is a discourse on it own.

B.1) Iron Metal

– is painted with a metallic oxide, with 1 undercoat of Oil paint, with 2 coats of finishing paint. The metallic surfaces may warrant a surface preparation of wire brushing or grit blasting to remove all the rust that may have incurred on its surface.

If is metal surfaces has been treated by galvanizing , than the surface needs no more wire brushing, grit blasting to remove rust as this was done prior to the galvanizing process. The metallic oxide should be zinc chromate, followed with 1 undercoat of Oil paint, with 2 coats of finishing paint.

  • Wood
    – before painting the surfaces are prepared smooth with sand paper knotted and primed with a suitable primer. If it is to be painted with glossy, you paint using aluminum oxide as primer with 1 undercoat of Oil paint, with 2 coats of finishing paint.And if, it is treated with stains to give a natural look, follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  •  Cemented surfaces( or surfaces that are alkali based as a cement boards)
    The walls are sanded down, smooth and painted with an alkali resisting primer, finished with 1 undercoat of water paint, with 2 coats of finishing paint coats.

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