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Air Conditioning Hydrocarbon

Air-Conditioning Hydrocarbon

Air-Conditioning Hydrocarbon is designed as a direct retrofit and replacement for conventional refrigerant . Conventional refrigerants are CFC/HCFC/HFC .Hydrocarbon helps to optimize air conditioning efficiency.It is also environmentally friendly and is non ozone depleting and non global warming refrigerant and complies with the UN Protocol, Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol.

This gasreduces electricity consumption with its molecularity lighter attributes which reduces the working load of compressor. It does not affect the cooling performance and pressure delivery.It high superior heatproperties improves heat transfer in heat ex-changers which results in more cut off time and idle time of air conditioning systems. Thus more energy could be saved.
Hydrocarbon is applicable to air conditioning split units, water cooled chiller ,refrigerator and car air conditioning systems.

It is highly Energy Efficient, non ozone depleting,non corrosive, non toxic, non global warming, molecular lighter, energy saving by 30%, environmentally friendly, enhance life and Performance of air conditioning systems.

This is system that can be used in making your house floor plans towards NZEB,Net Zero Energy Building. More energy efficient equipment such as air condition unit and refrigerators and even your car air conditioning systems.It is also helps in the Zero carbon Emission as it more energy efficient and reduces the Green gases Emission, which is not only CO2 but refrigerants. The Ozone has been fixed but yet we have to continue to be vigilant.

Warranty Period is for 6 months-12months

Prepared byNet Zero Energy Architect Ar.Perumal Nagapushnam