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Net Zero Energy Buildings

Net Zero Energy Building

Net Zero Energy building

Net Zero Energy buildings are possible for large buildings and small buildings. The difference is merely the scale of work, the larger
buildings requires more efforts to applying the the same principles of Net Zero Energy designs.Net Zero buildings comes in different
types, different categories and definitions. All homes,small homes,large homes, bungalows, duplex homes, log homes, cottage homes,
luxury homes or any type of house plans can be designed for Net Zero.


Retrofitting the existing home of any type can also be done. It is merely the price one has to pay,It will cost a lot lesser if the home plans
have been designed for NZEB at the outset at the inception of

Site Analysis for a 60 Level office Tower

The site analysis is done to integrate the Net Zero and Green Biodiversity design into the building.
The considerations ion design were -orientations,thermal zones, super insulation, using green plants
to insulate the setting sun, using renewable energy such as wind turbines and Solar Panels, shaping
the building to minimize the heat into the building and Using LED lights, high performance equipment,
Building Automation systems in the buildings,etc

Net Zero Building buildings

Eco Green building site analysis Wind Turbines