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PV Panels, Photo-voltaic panels Panel

PV Panels @ Photo-voltaic panels Panel@ Solar panels

Renewable Energy by Photo voltaic

Photo-voltaic panels

The Photo-voltaic panels prices for PV Panels, PHOTO VOLTAIC SYSTEM  in Klang Valley and Penang are :

1)Terrace houses –4kw System will cost MR26,000 ,where it produces average of 14kw/h per day

2)Larger Terrace house or Semi D-8kw System for – MR52,000 , where it produces average of 28kw/h per day

3) Bungalows –12kw system for-MR78,000 ,where it produces average of 42kw/h per day

Advantages in installing PV Panels or Solar Panels

1) PV Panels reduced surface roof temperature. Heat transfer into your homes reduced.
(It reduced RTTV). Optimized Energy consumption is better off that sheer wastage of energy.
2) The energy used are renewable energy, which is Green energy, you are offsetting the use of fossil fuels and thereby helping in the environment.
3) The Energy produced if connected to the grid, you may be able to using the FIT program, be able to sell your extra power for RM 1.20 per kWh. You shall be paying up for the cost of installation within a shorter period of time
4) Cost of PV Panels installation is Income Tax deductable. It is Green cost. This is the best benefit of all.
5) Carbon Trading of Green energy shall be created.Read hereon Carbon Trading or Carbon Offsets.
6) You house is made a Green and Sustainable house floor plan or a Net Zero Energy home or Net Zero Carbon house floor plan.

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