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IO Business Center


A commmercial center consisting of 5 such blocks within the Intellicity by Flora Development. The center is to accommodate about a 1,400,000 sq ft of office rentable space

Binary College


The campus will provide the best Education available in the country to 5000 student at any time will the most up to-date computer Labs, swimming pool, student centers, gymnasium, badminton courts etc. The College is geared to be leaders in the Education sector and heading to be a University.

Binary University College


Phase I, II, III for a college of 10,000 population in Mines Wonderland.

De Melawati Apartments


SDA’s principal has designed an exsiting and significant apartments for the city living urban residents, overlooking the National Zoo naturally landscaped environment, rising above the street levels capitilising on the views. For the first time ever a building has been designed for wind breezes.

Fine Matrix Sdn Bhd

fine matrix

1996 for Fine Matrix Sdn. Bhd. Built up area 1.5 acre in 10 acre Land

Interactik Library Kuala Selangor


Interior Design of Libarary for the State Government of Selangor

Sepang Apartments


Sepang Apartments has been designed by the Principal of SDA to be a destination worthy of the best address in Malaysia.

Olympia College


Renovation of the HQ of Olympia College in KL,Wisma Budiman

Proposed Penang 2nd Tunnel


Penang Bridge consisting of 2 man made islands, the tunnel, the approach via bridge and Toll Plaza. The location may be in the northern crossing pending acceptance by the GOM. The man-made island is design to have a Panoramic Viewing as if one is an Titanic Ocean Liner.

Mydin Hypermmarket


Project management consultant for 500,000 sq.ft of retail out in Subang Jaya. (Largest Outlet In Malaysia)

Sidel Factory


Proposed factory for 10, 000m2 for Sidel, Shah Alam, a French based company

Solid Waste Thermal Plant


An Plant which burns domestic waste after recycling and generates thermal power for neighbouring areas. The Solid Waste Thermal Plant will replace a large parcel of landfill and bum a total of 1200 tonnes of rubbish per day.

Solid Waste Thermal Plant


Proposed plant for the government for transfer station.

Eco Green Architects

Green vertical walls,Eco-Green Architects,Eco Green Architects

Eco Green Architecture













Eco Green Architects get into the designing of Green building in trying to save the detrimental effects we contribute to the damaging the environment. The environment is affect by global temperature changes . The overall temperature that has changed over the last 200 years of industrial revolution is 0.75 degree Centigrade. AsEco Green Architectsare we responsible, surely we are. Architects have squander the use of the resources indiscriminately without considerations to the environment.This is having a major effect of melting of glaciers( which causes the flooding), it is raining in areas it never rains( flooding in New York City), it is snowing in areas in never snows , flooding in areas in never floods.It is expected that the global temperatures is expected to rise by 2-6 degrees by the year 2100. Imagine the effect this is going to have on the environment.

This global temperature paradigm shift will affected cause drought and will affect our sustainability of our civilization. The droughts will affect the poor nations, this will cause the increase of food prices, and water shortages. This will affect our ability to survive as a civilizations. Any one of this pediments such as Food shortages, water shortages and the lack of clean air is enough to disrupt and bring to halt our functioning.

As EcoGreen Architects we respectfully design building to decrease the carbon emission in the air. The carbon may be offset or carbon sinks can be considered to help the environment, Carbon can be sequester in the air by Biodiversity restorative design. Restorative Biodiversity design will enhance the environments ability to sustain itself and our sustainability. The quality of water,quality of air,quality of the well being of human beings, the quality of our health and our life are affected by designs of Eco Green Architects.

Check out our Net Zero Carbon Architect for advise on how to attain this goal and save the environment.