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Neo classical

Neo Classical Architecture

Neo Classical Architecture, Photo taken from Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia


What is Neo Classical Architecture?

It evolved during the 18th Century .Much of its influence has been felt in America and world over. The following are some of the buildings of distinction that were remarkably been influenced by this period:

  • Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.) read on
  • White House (Washington, D.C.) read on
  • Massachusetts State House (Boston, Massachusetts} read on
  • Washington Arch (New York, New York) read on
  • Beacon Hill Memorial Column (Boston, Massachusetts) read on
  • Second Bank of the United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) read on
  • Bank of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) read on
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) read on
  • Monumental Church (Richmond, Virginia) read on
  • Virginia State Penitentiary (Richmond, Virginia) read on
  • Baltimore Basilica (Baltimore) read on

The characteristics  of Neo Classical Architecture is:

  • its planar qualities
  • Projections and recessions
  • sculptural bas-reliefs
  • Tablets or panels.


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