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baths with earth colored finishes

How to design bath?

 In designing floor plan for houses, bath rooms are the places of mediation and comfort even at the times of troubles and trials. The baths design should endeavor to create a peaceful ambiance for contemplation. And to settle the troubled mind, should there be one.These are the steps to design baths .

toliet with green

toilet with green




Step 1 to design bath for my new architectural floor plans

Get a plan of your Bath
Check the room sizes .Is it ,big enough to for the ambiance you are creating. For a master suite the size should be 8’x10’ or above. Any lesser dimension like 5’ x 7’will make the architectural design  look small .Good luxurious sizes of toilet may be as big as the master bed room -perhaps anything bigger that 14 ‘ft x 16 ft Get a grid paper over it and start planning your bath design.


Step 2 to design bath for my new architectural floor plans

Decide what you would like to place in the bath
What would you like to have a in a bath for fittings:

  • shower cubicle,
  • bath tub,
  • spa pool,
  • water closet,
  • bidet,
  • hand basin,
  • mirror, plants, and
  • all accessories and artifacts
  • cabinets
choose toilet fittings

Step 3 to design bath for my new architectural floor plans

Now you have made up your mind, make a template of these fittings, start placing them around to get a feel for the space. If you feel the space a little squeezed up, get the Architect to correct the architectural design .Most Architects would have no clue as to your needs and wants. This is the time to be explicit with the architect. Select compatile warm earthy colored tiles or stones finishes for baths.

Step 4 to design bath for my new architectural floor plans

Some tips for designing the layout.

  • Design for great visual of toilet fittings as you make your entry from the bath door. Toilet fitting look good .The fitting against the backdrop of tiles will make the bath look wonderful
designed for viefws of the fitting from the entrance

designed for viefws of the fitting from the entrance

  • Good ventilation is essential. How much time, have we noticed that after we have taken a hot shower and the bath mirror is full of vapor condensation moist? Is that not irritating!
  • Have sufficient hooks for clothes change when going to bath etc.
  • Makes sure the bath is spacious for comfort.
  • Light color fitting match with wonderful elegance with light colored tiles. White fitting against dark colored tiles make a great combination.
  • Don’t forget the shaver point for men, soiled cloth baskets and waste disposal for waste to be included into the bath design.
  • Good lightnings will make the bath wonderful, wall lights will make it radiant
  • Additional features like view to the garden, or a small garden in the toilet or plant decoration will be a great pleasantry in bath designs. This will enhance values of your new architectural floor plan designs.
  • Curtains will be great idea to make Bath design have a cozy look.
  • Use files with great colors,tiles with textures


  • Design for greenery in the toilet as the green helps to de-stresses the minds and recovery of the soul
good window view for baths

good window view for baths

  • A good looking Mirror and with a marble table tops with glass to support toiletries may be pleasant.
  • Hide all stop cock, and taps behind flower vase or curtains or placed inside cabinets.
  • Lastly use proper floor finishes or else it will be slippery when wet.

Step 5 to design bath for my new architectural floor plan

In designing a toilet, you are check with NBKA, National Bath and Kitchen Association, for guide lines of bath room designs in the US. for the codes that it should be in compliance with the recommendations.For those living outside of the US, you are required to check with your local authorities that regulate the toilet designs requirements.

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Prepared by Eco Green Architect and Net Zero Architect Perumal Nagapushnam

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How good designs give value to architectural floor plan?

What do I mean by good value? Simply put you may spend millions of dollars to your new dream house but no one will pay the same for it. It was money wasted for your own pleasure that gave no value to architectural floor plan.

Let say your house was valued at  USD200,000  and you renovated your house with a renovation cost of USD 100,000. The total value of  your house should be USD300,000.Now if I put the newly renovated house is pit out for sale . If you found buyers for more than USD300, 000, then you have  added value to the house .Got it? If you  got a buyer for less than USD300, 000, it may seem that you did not study the market forces sufficiently before you started to design the architectural plans, Therefore it is absolutely necessary to engage an Architect to do up a design that provides value to your newly designed home.

So when designing your new architectural floor plan, you need to enhance value to architectural floor plan. This is how you do it by providing spaces that contributes to value is:

  • Kitchen appropriate for the region( not too costly )
  • Master suites and Bathroom( appropriately sized up)
  • Deck( to view in to the garden after lunch or dinner)
  • Swimming pool( choose the suitable type of pool)
  • Fireplace( the type should be suited for the overall architectural style)
  • Lawn and landscape( well landscaped to enhance the views from the dinning, kitchen, living, mastered), in recent times it trees may provides shading form the summer sun and in the tropics shading the building to create  and induce micro climates.The trees may be used to divert the harsh winter winds and resulting in increasing the heating load of the electrical power consumption.
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings features in  will have a positive value as you do not pay the monthly electric bills
  • Green Buildings increases the value of the property by 10-15% m the experience in Singapore to Green the City was a positive experience not only the city but each individual property faced an increase of value to architectural floor plan buildings.

Now if you had the above done and don’t see any value added what could have gone wrong: In this instance there are 2 possibilities could have happened:

  • Possibility 1 -you over spent on the renovation and market ( the buyers) does not appreciate what you have done. The Buyer did not value what you have valued as important. You got to know the market (what the buyers want) wants before designing the building.
  • Possibility 2 – you made an error in design .Your design is just lousy. It is horrible an has no architectural aesthetic sense. In some countries builders tends to do design that turns out to be obnoxiously ugly, this is where you need to appoint an Architect to do so, if you need help call us at

To avoid costly mistakes ,look around and see what type of kitchen, master suite, deck, swimming pools, and fireplace, lawn and landscaping features and design  that every one is  looking out for. Check this out in the immediate neighborhood.This does not means that you are not creative by copying but rather working out a house design that enhances value which is centered around your needs.

The design when completely built, your passer on visitors should be  giving you the”wow”-The wow factor is an indicator. of  their jaws need to wide open, you know your design is done well. Checkout at web site for some great designs styles with great value at



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