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Salary of Architect is pittancewhat is Architect’s Salary all over the world, on browsing the website and listening to architects, I have listed their salary in a table for ease of comparison. And an interesting revelation is found that the world’s economy is some what  is depressed except in a few growth centers and the growing feeling, which  is they are not paid well.

Salaries of Architect’s Around the world per month in USD
The Salaries of Architect’s Around the world including the US  is summaries here below,  this info is  derived from a survey  into the web, which I put it together as a matter of interest.I have come to know that the work the Architects engage in a laborious and a extremely stressful work and yet the salaries  around the world is not a positive one. It seems after many years of studies and after many years of hard work the Architects are paid much below the average salaries of other professions.Please see below the facts :

Salaries Around the world per month in USD

Country Graduate Architect Experienced Architect
USA{Albuquerque} 3600 8000
Ireland 1500 4000
Kosovo 450 900
Malaysia 800 4000
Bangladesh 300 750
Kenya 450
Mexico 500 1000
Germany 2300
Croatia 200
Japan 5000
Saudi 1500 4700
Canada 2800
Hong Kong 2800 5000
India 350 1000
Singapore 2500 6000
South Africa 1200
Israel 2000 4000
Serbia Belgrade 500
Indonesia 350
Brazil 1150 4000
Vienna 2200
Argentina 500
Poland 450 2200
China {Shenzhen} 1200 3000
Colombia 2200
Russia 1800
UAE 1500 4500
Kuwait 10,600
Qatar 4600