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Brick House Plan

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Green architecture is probably misunderstood and misrepresented, merely planting of green plants in building does not represent Green Architecture. Green plants must have a purpose, to provide benefits of eco biodiversity, reap the benefits of health as type of home affects your health. Biodiversity saves the eco system and our future depends on it. our future depends on it.Global temperatures are rising and it is said that the most conservative calculation indicates a temperature increase by 2-6 degrees C.

The loss of biodiversity is to be the focus of Green Architecture, some call it Hyper Green, State of Art Green or ecological green, eco green, restorative environmental design, bio-diversity design.The plant of trees should be a cooperative effort of Landscape Architect and a Ecologist to produce diversity of plants , animals and habitats for its survival. Biodiversity can be enhanced by incorporating EM, Effective Microbes which kills the bad bacteria and help the flaura and fauna to live in a healthier environment.

This improves healthier people, cleaner water,cleaner air and well being of people. It reduces energy consumption, reduces water footprint, energy footprint and ecological footprint.

Prepared by Architect Perumal Nagpushnam